Denis Laming

Mr. Laming, France world-class architectural design master, August 9, 1949 was born in Paris, France.

Laming can be said to be the world’s top 10 architectural design master. In the field of innovation, the world’s top three. He is the famous designer of “Future City Futoroscope” in Poitiers, the chief architect of Zero Energy Demonstration City in Middle East and the design of Xingdao Reclamation. In the dictionary of world history, his name and his works often appear in the dictionary. He has participated in more than 200 international design projects, major works throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East Arab region Emirates, Africa and other countries. In the territory of China has participated in the Shanghai Science and Technology City, Beijing Capital Museum and the National Museum of China and other projects bidding design. He designed the home port of Shekou, Shenzhen, China will be officially opened on November 12, 2016, which will be China’s largest aircraft carrier naval port.

Mr. Laming’s great achievements can not do without the influence of the family. His father was an aviation engineer and writer, and his mother was an artist. In the influence of parents and influence of subtle influence, Laming keen on architectural design and determined to become an outstanding architectural designer. Mr. Lan graduated from the Department of Architecture (DPLG) of the prestigious National Institute of Fine Arts in Paris, France, and studied at the American Art School in Fontainebleau. In 1977, Mr. Laming founded the Paris Laming architectural design firm (Agence Denis Laming), and in the same year published his debut; In the meantime, Laming (IAC) and the IAC (Institut des Entreprises de Paris) and the IAC-Institut Auguste Comte (IAC) in the same year, she continued her studies at the Institute of Business Administration (IAE).

Mr. Laming’s debut is a museum, he was cleverly installed on the roof of the building solar collector equipment, this unique insight “solar energy-efficient building design” At the time of the French Poitiers held in Europe’s most influential architectural contests Contest of the Opera first prize, also laid the Laming’s position in the French construction industry, the architectural design has become Europe’s largest energy-saving projects project. His architectural vision and vision are not only loved by customers, but also by many government organizations of all ages. In the 1980s, he was appointed as the French Minister of Finance and Culture Minister of urban planning and construction consultants; 1994 to 2000, Mr. Laming was appointed President of the French Senate private design consultant; since 2005, Laming employed in Abu Zabi government, as Abu Dhabi regional planning and energy sustainable development of full-time adviser. Laming’s architectural achievements have been recognized by the international construction industry, and included in the Wikipedia Wikipedia one of the famous architects of the 21st century.


Since the beginning of this time, mankind has sought two things: the safety of the body and the joy of the soul. The earliest objects produced by mankind are not hunting tools, not weapons of defense, but a flute, which demonstrates that human pursuit of spiritual pleasure is innate.

Architecture is the only artwork into which human beings can enter, protecting the body and delighting the soul. Mr. Laming’s pursuit of architectural ideas and soul, can be summarized as follows:

New futurism

“Designers give a building soul, as God gives human wisdom and emotion.For an architect, his design challenges not only people’s senses, but also to give people a surprise, marvel at the end to pleasure.” – – Laming

Laming is the creator of the new futurist and originator, is also the world’s construction sector to emulate the master of architecture. The new futurism aims to relocate the center of futuristic architecture to human needs and feelings. That is, to retain the technological advances brought about by the convenience and advantages at the same time, to prevent the futuristic because of the speed, new materials, the pursuit of the general amount of humanity and lose the trend. The goal of architectural design is then transformed into the creation of high quality and true harmony, the determination of a building or a regional scale, should be people —— men, women, children as the starting point to make them feel comfortable and pleasant aims. In the new futuristic architectural design, Laming boldly conceivably fictitious and integrated products, the use of the most modern building materials, such as special steel and glass, composite materials, the fantasy into reality.

Green Building

“Modern cities are the way forward for the future of the world, and sustainable urban development is one of the greatest challenges for humankind and nations, and for generations, the earth’s children and grandchildren are interdependent for a common purpose, No border. “—— Laming

As a world-renowned architect, Laming believes that as an architect, first of all to seek is the harmony between the building and the environment must meet all the requirements, we must pay attention to construction costs and technical issues, we must take into account the design of the legitimate Sexual and rational. Multi-channel development of energy through the use of clean energy, renewable energy sources to reduce the use of traditional energy sources, improve the isolation system, improve management quality and properly handle sewage systems (sewage, garbage, etc.), and carefully select high-quality building materials and municipal facility. As Mr. Laming’s first solar energy museum to express and convey the same, green city, green building is always in his design blueprint to spend every pen on the heart.

Ring City

“Urban land planning and transportation are interrelated and interact with each other and promote each other.The simple traffic layout will cause traffic chaos, seriously affect people ‘s life and work and restrict the rapid development of urban society and economy.The best order should be circular planning. —— Laming

Construction of the ring city is also one of the ways to reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption. Ring City will support the city’s development strategy and urban spatial layout optimization, so that the metropolitan planning circle like a spine of convergence, decentralized city functions, reduce the total travel needs of residents and public transport-oriented, solve vehicle parking problems, let people enjoy To the advantages of the ring city and convenient.


The following buildings for Mr. Laming part of the design work:


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