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Laming is a video production agency specializing in content creation for the real estate industry. We are experts in producing video and aerial photography for real estate professionals. Our services are aimed at helping real estate agents showcase their properties so that they can maximize their business potential.

In the world of real estate marketing, it's important to stand out and be original to attract the attention of potential buyers. One way to differentiate yourself is to use innovative techniques, such as creating a scripted, emotional video that immerses viewers in an immersive experience. This type of content allows viewers to become completely immersed in the video clip and thus, they can better visualize what their future home would look like.

A video will capture the attention of potential clients in a few seconds, thanks to its dynamic presentation and the relevant information it contains. This will attract more future buyers to your agency.


of exception for your real estate

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Differentiate yourself with video

Real estate video is an extremely powerful tool that can be used by real estate professionals to showcase their properties to a much wider audience. Video allows real estate to be shown in a new light. Nowadays, people have access to the Internet and thousands of real estate photos online. However, they can't always see the property in person before making an offer. A video allows potential buyers to feel more comfortable with what they are buying and gives them a better idea of the place before they even set foot in it. Real estate agencies that use our videos have found that it dramatically increases the conversion rate.

The second reason why video is so important for real estate agencies is its natural virality. In fact, according to some studies, 94% of Internet users would willingly watch a short video of less than 2 minutes to learn more about a service offered by a company. This represents a huge business opportunity.

Making a promotional film of an exceptional property for your real estate agency is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and obtain exclusive mandates. Films allow buyers to immerse themselves in the world of the property and better understand what it has to offer. They are also more likely to remember your agency after watching a video in which we incorporate your logo than if you had simply shown them photographs or descriptions.

Toutefois, réaliser un bon film n’est pas chose facile et il y a certaines règles à suivre pour s’assurer que le résultat final soit à la hauteur de vos attentes. Heureusement, les experts en production audiovisuelle de Laming ont toutes les connaissances nécessaires pour réussir ce type de prestation ! En faisant appel à nos services, vous pouvez être certains que votre film sera professionnel et aura l’impact souhaité sur votre clientèle cible.

Additional services in video

Aerial photography


Laming is a video production company specializing in short videos for real estate professionals. We also provide aerial photography services so that our clients can get a better view of their real estate. Our drones are flown by certified and experienced professionals, which allows us to capture the best possible images.

Aerial photography is one of the most popular services at Laming. It allows potential buyers to get a better idea of the property for sale and also gives them an overall view of the property. The shots will be added as an extra value to the final assembly and will represent its major asset of differentiation.

Promoting your real estate agency


Laming produces customizable real estate videos. In each of our videos, we include your logo. Our agency also offers real estate agents the opportunity to produce professional and elegant videos to present their properties for sale. The videos can be shot with or without the real estate agent, and it is possible to add a voice over or personalized comments on the property. The real estate agent can appear at the beginning of the video, as an introduction or at the end of the video.

The Home Tour service allows potential buyers to have the feeling of being accompanied by a professional throughout the film, which is very important especially considering that more than 80% of buyers start their search online before even contacting a real estate agent. Moreover, it allows real estate agents to be highlighted and valued on digital platforms and thus gain visibility and notoriety.

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Laming is a real estate video production company based on the French Riviera. Our team of experts will accompany you throughout your project to offer you the best quality in video production. Our expertise and know-how are at your service to give birth to unique works that respect the uniqueness of each property. From storyboarding to final editing, including filming and sound mixing, we do everything possible to create powerful audiovisual content that will touch your prospects.

Que ce soit pour une villa d’exception dans la baie de Cannes, un appartement de luxe à Monaco ou une propriété de prestige à Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, notre équipe saura s’adapter selon vos besoins afin de produire les meilleurs résultats possibles.

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