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If you wish to enhance the value of your property in order to maximize its visibility and attractiveness on the Cannes market, the agency specialized in the creation of visuals for exceptional properties Laming is at your disposal.

We put all our know-how in order to provide our customers with a global service ranging from photography to 360° virtual tours through video, all accompanied by an attentive and personalized service when necessary. Our privileged geographical area being the French Riviera and Monaco, we are particularly proud to offer a professional service for your exceptional properties.

We understand that visual communication is important if an agency wants to succeed or improve its notoriety. So we always make sure that our visuals are excellent and representative of your brand image and values. Then, thanks to our experienced team, we will adapt a strategy especially for you in order to have the greatest impact on your prestigious audience.

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Cannes is a French coastal city located in the Alpes-Maritimes department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The town is located in the southeast of France, on the French Riviera, a few kilometers from the Principality of Monaco. Cannes is internationally known for its annual film festival and its luxury real estate market.

The luxury real estate market in Cannes is one of the most sought after in France. Property prices are high, but buyers can choose from a wide range of prestigious, high-class properties. Among the most sought-after neighborhoods are Le Suquet, Croisette and Californie . These are home to some of the world's most exclusive hotels and lavish mansions owned by a wealthy clientele.

Buyers wishing to invest in the Cannes real estate market can choose between different types of properties: spacious apartments with terraces offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, modern or traditional villas nestled in the heart of the umbrella pines, ultramodern penthouses with private gardens.

Laming offers a range of superior services for exceptional real estate. Whether you are a real estate agent or own an exceptional property, we have the ideal visual solutions to showcase your property and attract potential buyers. Our experienced photographers are experts in capturing the best angles and elements that will make your property unique. We know how to bring out the special character of each property so that it stands out among all others on the market. Plus, with our post-production expertise, we can add a personal touch to the images so they perfectly match your brand and the mood you want to create around your property.

Thanks to the quality of our visuals and our efficiency, your brand will benefit from a better recognition on the real estate market in Cannes. Moreover, it is important to underline that this increased exposure will have a direct impact on your exclusive mandates in terms of real estate acquisition or sale (apartments, villas...). Collaborating with Laming is therefore essential to differentiate yourself within the very competitive real estate environment of Cannes, through advertising campaigns conducted throughout the year and highlighting remarkable professional photographs taken by an experienced team composed exclusively of experts from the high-end real estate field.

Twilight photo session in Cannes


For this property, we made a photo service at twilight. Discover the difference and the value added to the property below.

Before After
Before After

Photographer apartments and villas in Cannes

The fishing village is nestled in a bay facing the Lerins Islands. It has kept its authenticity and charm through the centuries, while opening up to the world. Today, the Cité des Festivals et des Congrès has an international reputation: it hosts the International Film Festival every year.

Cannes has had a rich and exciting history, which began many centuries ago. The village was then a simple hamlet of fishermen, who lived quietly between the green hills and the azure blue sea. Over time, Cannes gradually became a seaside resort popular with rich and famous tourists from all over the world. The small local community gradually grew into a cosmopolitan city that was bustling day and night. Even today, Cannes continues to host prestigious international events.

This charming little French town is known worldwide for its glamorous Croisette lined with the lavish boutiques of the world's top luxury brands. The city is known for its chic and glamorous lifestyle. Many celebrities and members of high society own properties in the pristine surroundings of Cannes. These spectacular residences offer breathtaking views of the turquoise bay and the Lerins Islands.

Cannes real estate features a wide range of prestigious options, from apartments to mansions to lavish villas with private pools located in the wooded hills above the French Riviera. Prices can reach several million euros for some of the most exclusive properties in the world.
Laming Agency is known for the exceptional quality of our visuals and for having collaborated with many prestigious real estate agencies.

The secret to Laming's success is that we know what buyers want to see when they look for luxury real estate. We understand that they place a premium on aesthetics, which is how the property is presented in photographs and videos. This means that everything from the angles to the colors to the lighting must be perfect. Laming's seasoned professionals know the techniques to optimize every visual aspect so that the property appears attractive to the potential buyer.

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