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Laming is a prestigious real estate photography agency. Our mission is to offer a professional and high quality service. We are located on the French Riviera, a privileged place where we do our utmost to satisfy our most demanding clients.

Whether it is for aerial or terrestrial, interior or exterior photographs, we will be able to bring you entire satisfaction thanks to our know-how and our experience.

Pourquoi faire appel à une agence spécialisée en photographie immobilière ? Tout simplement parce que votre bien mérite le meilleur traitement possible afin d’attirer l’œil du plus grand nombre.

Our team is passionate about what we do, and it shows in our visuals. We make every effort to show every detail of the building we have photographed, so that you can appreciate its beauty inside and out. Colors, shapes, materials... Everything is taken into account to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

To realize these photographs which are out of the ordinary, our experts use various technical tools such as drones to obtain unexpected angles thus allowing a better understanding of the place photographically speaking. Through all these approaches, our team manages to capture the very essence of the building, which gives birth to strong images that will remain in our memories.


There are many things to consider when photographing a real estate property, but the foundation of any good presentation is quality interior photography. Showing your property in its best light requires a thorough knowledge of composition, framing and lighting techniques.

Composition is the art of putting the different elements of an image together so that they create a harmonious visual effect, which is particularly important in real estate.

At Laming, we know that the quality of your photo is important to you and your property. That's why we make it a point to provide that in every photo we take. Our team of two professional photographers will listen to your needs and take the extra steps necessary to ensure the picture is perfect.

Your satisfaction is our priority, so contact us today to discuss your options.


The photograph of the whole property in its external environment is often the photo that will be used for the advertisement, which means that it is the first thing that potential buyers will see.

They can get an idea of ​​the surroundings and the terrain before they even enter the house. Finally, it will show buyers how well you have taken care of your property.

We will be able to capture the best exterior photos of your property thanks to our experience and know-how. Photos of real estate can have a significant impact on how people perceive that property.

We know the importance of using the right angles and the right shots to highlight all the important elements of your exterior.


Our agency offers an aerial photography service dedicated to real estate professionals. We put at your disposal our know-how in the field of drone shooting so that you can put forward your real estate.

The images we produce will give potential buyers a better understanding of the property and this will encourage them to visit the property to make an offer or to contact you to learn more about the property.


The light of the twilight is magical and gives the photos a special atmosphere that will enhance your property. At Laming we have a photographer who is an expert in blue hour photography, that perfect moment at dusk when all the elements are combined to make a stunning photograph of the property.

She has mastered her art and knows how to capture the best moments so that your photos are perfect.

Photography between sunset and dusk can help showcase your property and impress potential buyers.

If you want photos that stand out and give potential buyers a unique impression of your property, use our services.

Architectural style

The customers who call upon our services are anxious to put forward the best possible image of their property. They are aware that this requires a global and professional care.

We intervene to realize specific pictures corresponding to a particular architectural style so that your property has more personality and appears more interesting to the general public.

This photographic style requires exceptional technical and artistic skills to captivate the viewer's attention and make him discover the hidden beauty of the place.

At Laming, we know how to adapt our approach to highlight all kinds of architecture, from old buildings to the most recent villas. We use different elements, such as lighting, details and perspectives to obtain striking images that reflect the personality of the place as well as its history.

Our photographs allow us not only to contemplate what is in front of our eyes, but also - and especially - to feel this place as if we were physically present.

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A photo shoot

At Laming, we believe that professional luxury photography is a great way to showcase and draw attention to high-end properties. Our experience in real estate photography has allowed us to develop a unique approach to making properties stand out in the market. Potential buyers are attracted to the stunning images we produce and, more importantly, they accurately reflect the quality and standing of the properties we photograph.

Laming offers a full range of services to enhance your property through photography. We can take aerial photos to show the scale of a property, highlight the architectural features of a luxury villa or take stunning photographs of an estate at dusk. Our goal is to offer different types of images to create an impressive overall package that will make potential buyers want to come see your property in person.

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