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Visualization tools

At Laming, we are proud to offer a full range of tools for your real estate visuals. These tools allow real estate professionals to create elegant and attractive visuals to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Among the tools offered by Laming are the virtual tour and the floor plan. The advantages of these tools are numerous: they will allow real estate professionals to considerably increase the quality of the visuals they show, which will have a direct impact on the success of their sales and the exclusivity of their mandate.

Virtual tour

For several years, virtual tours have been democratized in the real estate field. To meet your expectations, we have developed an exclusive virtual tour technology. This service is a unique 3D immersion experience. Your prospect can now discover a property entirely without having to move.

Laming currently offers the highest quality virtual tours on the market. We use the latest 360° visualization technology to offer the best overview of a property. The captures made by our camera allow a total immersion of the spectator in order to give him the impression to be present on the spot.

At Laming, our high resolution scans offer a high quality service providing maximum fluidity and realism. Our unique 3D virtual tour technology provides a very accurate picture of the property, allowing future buyers to see every room and every detail. They can take the time to explore the property and get a clear picture of the location.

Virtual tours allow professional real estate agents to significantly increase their productivity. This technology allows them to show several properties at the same time to their clients. 

Indeed, it is now possible thanks to this modern and innovative technology that everyone can take full advantage of the real estate market without geographical or temporal limitation.

These potential buyers now have access to a larger real estate market, which is why the realization of a 360 virtual tour is especially recommended when the target clientele is foreign, as is regularly the case on the French Riviera and in Monaco.

Your 3D virtual tour can be viewed on a computer (desktop or laptop), on a tablet or on a smartphone. The virtual tour can also be fully immersive using a VR headset and a cell phone. 

Our 3D virtual tour service

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2D Plan

When considering selling your property, it's important to provide clients with an accurate and detailed representation of what they can expect. Floor plans allow potential buyers to see the different rooms and their layout, which is especially useful for larger properties.

These plans provide a great way to show the layout of the space and how the different rooms interact. This allows clients to better visualize how they will be able to arrange the property to suit their specific needs.

When you use well-detailed floor plans on your website and in your marketing package, you dramatically increase the visibility of your property to prospects. These tools can make all the difference between a serious customer and a curious one, as they provide a clear picture of the product you are selling.

Potential buyers will also be able to better understand the actual dimensions of the rooms. Finally, it will also show how customizable each space is to the client's individual tastes - after all, everyone has their own vision of an idyllic home.

The advantages of our 2D plans are multiple: an elegant and modern design, clear and stylized plans, and precise and consistent measurements.

The potential offered by digital tools allows the potential buyer to have a faithful overview of the property even before his visit on site. Moreover, the fact that the plans are elaborated by floor allows a better understanding of the building and thus a greater facility to find one's way during the visit of the property.

Our 2D plan service

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